Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Family Expansion....

Last week my daughter decided to adopt a puppy so we did some research and found a rescue organization that had a litter of puppies ready for adoption. Saturday morning we met the puppies at PetsMart and instead of coming back with only one little girl, we came back with two. The one my daughter wanted and we brought a sweet little girl home to live with us.

Here is Charlie (my daughter's pup) on the left and our newest addition Chloe is in the pink collar to the right.

Chloe and my son share a quiet moment by our backyard pond.

We don't believe in keeping a dog in a kennel all day so here is my husband's attempt at blocking an area in our kitchen for the pups to stay in while we are at work. Needless to say, the puppies out smarted him....I came home and they had escaped and were having a fine time running around the house. 

Puppies keep life interesting don't they? It is a good thing I have such a wonderful husband who is so patient and loves dogs as much as I do.

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