Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Ruby....

My Lovely Ruby
02-02-2002 - 12-09-2012
Just before Thanksgiving our Vet diagnosed my lovely Ruby with advanced cancer. They told us it was pretty advanced and we could keep her comfortable with steroids for a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months.

She's been in our family for almost eleven years and I count her as one of my very best canine friends. She is curious and fearless. She would have made an excellent search and rescue dog, because she has never been wrong when she would insist there was something under the couch, tv console or the bed....even if we didn't see it right away she kept insisting it was there until we eventually found it.

If I raised my voice during a television show, such as when I was cheering on Seabiscut or Secretariat, she would come running and place her head in my lap, those gorgeous eyes full of worry watching my face until I reassured her it would be okay.

She's never been far from me when I'm home, laying in the kitchen when I cook dinner, curled up at my feet when I sit on the couch, and every night, she has slept next to my side of the bed where I could reach down and touch her back......I have to be extra careful when I get up and head to the bathroom so I didn't step on her leg or nose by accident.....

My Ruby loves the water in any form, drinking from the hose, standing over the sprinkler so it sprays her belly, or laying in the backyard waterfall.

Ruby isn't doing so well now. The cancer is advancing and we are going to have to make a decision on how to help her. She's my girl and I love her dearly.

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