Sunday, March 10, 2013


The past few weeks have seemed to last forever. I'm not a big fan of wishing my life away but I'm glad they are over.....My day job has been hectic, everyone coming from every corner, needing this, wanting that, wondering why it wasn't done yet.....then this week on top of the craziness at the office, I get a call from my 86 year old mother that she's in pain and uncomfortable.

Within an hour of that call we were at the hospital and she was being admitted so they could run tests. I won't go into the long story and all the details because she's back in her apartment and feels more comfortable; but things have changed. She's more frail, seems a little weaker, and the feeling is that there's not much the doctor's can do.

So even if the weeks ahead feel long and like they last forever, I know that on the day my mom isn't with us any longer, it will seem that time has flown by.

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