Friday, April 25, 2014


I am a list maker.

There I've stood up and admitted it.

I make lists for just about everything. It helps me stay organized but most of all it helps me to remember what I need to buy, do, find, etc. Another advantage of having a list is that it keeps me on track and I find that I spend less money when I'm shopping at the store because I try to stick to the list.

I carry a little notebook in my purse so I always have something to write on - and - you guessed make a list. Sitting in the parking lot or at a stop light something will pop up in my busy little brain and I have to write it down before I forget.

One list I use all the time is my Shopping List. Each week I print out the list and attach it to one of my clipboards (oh yeah...I love clipboards too) and lay it on the counter. When I find something we need to buy, I grab the pen and jot it down on my handy dandy Shopping List.

I just printed out another copy and thought maybe there are other lists makers out there. Maybe someone would like to have a copy of my handy little list.

If you are interested in printing a copy of my favorite Shopping List template click this link.

(This is my first time sharing something like this so if you run into issues, please add a comment so I can investigate. I hope to have other tutorials and templates to share in the future.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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